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We Are Mianki Designs

Wooden Game Manufacturer


We take care of the small details and believe that each daily action can make an impact.

We are recreating old world wooden games with a difference. As the world becomes more connected online there is the need to build real in person relationships and we believe traditional  interactive games is a step in the right direction.

The Re.vert Way

Zero Waste

Wood is a valuable resource and so we try to ensure that we are not wasting any. With this in mind we try to maximise each piece of wood to ensure no waste.


While all of our products are not at the moment sources from sustainable sources, we do try to use where possible bamboo which is a renewable sustainable material. Where we are not as yet using bamboo, we try to and are moving to all of our games being produced from a sustainable source.


There is a lot of wood that is used in pallet construction and so we are reusing this in our. games construction.

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